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We’re the place where Analog Devices brings together engineers, data scientists, hardware and software people, and many more to create new technologies and new solutions in a fast-moving, idea-driven startup atmosphere.

As the internal incubator for Analog Devices, a leader in cutting-edge technology for over 50 years, Analog Garage has both agility and a solid foundation.

Pat O’Doherty

“Our mission is to focus on what’s next, and to generate real innovation and results. Whether you are a startup or job seeker, we are looking for people ready to work on life-changing technologies.”

Pat O’Doherty
Vice President, Emerging Business Group


Small Teams, Fast Results

No 100-member teams with years-long timelines here—our teams are small, work quickly, and give everyone a key role.

Gain Experience in Multiple Fields

You’ll work directly with senior people in your field, as well as experts in other fields, gaining skills in a wide range of disciplines.

Become a Leader Sooner

You won’t wait years to move up at the Garage: Show your potential and we’ll give you a chance to lead a project.



ADI’s product development increasingly revolves around software, including machine learning algorithms and other artificial intelligence technologies. Integrating more advanced software within our devices can make them more valuable and easier for customers to use. Our products “sense, measure, interpret, power, connect,” and software is an increasingly important element to do all of those things.


The Algorithmic Systems Group within Analog Garage creates advanced algorithms in the fields of signal processing, machine learning, computer vision, artificial intelligence, communication systems, and other areas of electrical engineering and computer science, and implements those algorithms in practical and efficient hardware.


The Software Engineering Group, working with researchers, algorithm developers, and hardware engineers, uses lean approaches and modern technologies to develop software that spans the gamut from custom processors and embedded firmware to the cloud, web, and mobile.


The Security Group develops secure hardware and firmware for Analog Devices’ silicon platforms, and researches new security constructs and solutions to be used in future designs.


The Analog Garage Venture Team members work closely with start-ups, incubators, and universities to collaborate on developing breakthrough technology that creates value for ADI and for our partners. We provide entrepreneurs with a path to propose, explore, and scale new technologies and new business models.

Other groups within Analog Garage include an Analog Circuits Group, an Autonomous Vehicle Group, an Internet of Things Group, and a group that focuses on consumer products.

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We actively collaborate with startups, established companies, and universities developing better ways to work together and move technologies forward. Have an idea? We want to hear it. Contact us through our network of partners or directly at info@analoggarage.com.

Whether junior, senior, or somewhere in between, Analog Devices employees regularly submit their own ideas to move from basic research to starting larger initiatives.

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The Analog Garage covers a wide spectrum of research areas. You can have an impact right away, developing these disruptive technologies that make life better, when you work at the Garage.



ADI’s analog, mixed-signal, and digital signal processing integrated circuits play a fundamental role in converting, conditioning, and processing real-world phenomena such as light, sound, temperature, motion, and pressure into electrical signals to be used in a wide array of technology solutions.



Autonomous Vehicles

Autonomous Vehicles

nergy Harvesting & Storage

Energy Harvesting
& Storage



Wireless Communication & Ranging

Wireless Communication
& Ranging

Internet of Things

Internet of Things

Wearables & Augmented Reality

Wearables &
Augmented Reality

Edge Processing

Edge Processing



Analog Garage Success Stories



Sound recognition is a key technology enabler for several emerging applications. OtoSense technology allows turning sound and vibration into actionable meaning at the edge, in real time, offline.

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ADI’s Time of Flight Camera

ADI’s high resolution depth mapping over existing 3D technology enables consumers to more accurately map themselves and their environment for a better user experience.

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Analog Garage is located in downtown Boston, just a block from South Station with a quick connection to MIT, Harvard, and Boston’s many other universities. We’re there for a reason: we want to be where so many of the best ideas – in the city and in the world – come together.

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At the Garage, you won’t just work on a small part of a project and hand it off: our teams stay together from the idea stage all the way through the release of new technologies and solutions.

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